Red Barron Cave

This amazing cave in rock canyon is one of the most decorated caves in the state of Utah.

Red Baron Cave Utah

You need to anchor a rope to a tree that is split in half, rappel down 25 feet or so into the entrance deck.  Located in the back of the deck room, there is a small entrance that is gated.  It gets very tight right off the bat, but it opens up after about 20 feet.  Taking off your helmet at this point helps tremendously getting through. As there are hundreds of delicate formations throughout the cave, please step lightly and be very careful with your head, as that can break formations and hurt pretty bad if stabbed.

Red Baron Cave Utah

Some of the formations in the cave are calcified roots, stalactites, and helectites.

Red Baron Cave Utah

The most decorated passage is off limits for recreational trips. Red Baron Cave is quite cool year round, so long sleeves are recommended.  This is  very long and difficult hike, so be ready to give a good amount of time to hiking.

Red Baron Cave Utah


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