Professor Buss Cave

This cave is located just to the south of Y mountain and has many other small caves near by.

Professor Buss Cave Utah

The cave was originally named after Fred Buss, who was a geology professor at BYU from 1907 to 1927. He took his students up regularly to the cave as section of their class work.  A few years later when Nutty Putty Cave was discovered, most students lost interest in the long and difficult hike to Professor Buss Cave and started going to the more accessible Nutty Putty Cave. In the bottom of the cave there are signatures dating as far back as 1886. Because of the historical value of the cave, the Timpanogos Grotto is attempting to gate the cave. Access should be fairly easy to acquire once the gate is put in place.Professor Buss Cave Utah


One thought on “Professor Buss Cave

  1. I lived in Provo for 4 and a half years and never heard about the Professor Buss Cave. It sounds pretty cool and I love the historical element to it!

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