Between Life and Death

Do you trust your rope?

There are many different types of ropes out there, but only a few pass the test for the extreme conditions that caves have to offer.  The rope I will talk about is the New England KM III Static line.


“A superior handling rescue lifeline, New England Ropes KM III static, kernmantle rope features a composite construction of nylon and polyester fibers. KM III has a weight-balanced construction with the sheath and the core each representing 50% of the total weight. The rope is torque-balanced to eliminate any spin during a rappel. The continuous filament polyester sheath is braided over a continuous nylon fiber core. This provides excellent handling and knot-holding characteristics, as well as rugged protection from abrasion and cutting. The polyester sheath provides added protection for ultraviolet light and from chemicals that are harmful to nylon. The polyester sheath also reduces the strength loss and weight gain that occurs when nylon absorbs water.” 

The price of the right rope is a lot cheaper than the price of a nice casket and funeral.  I would always advise those wanting to cave to spend the little extra.  Cave On!



2 thoughts on “Between Life and Death

  1. A static line is something I have been meaning to get. I’m kind of on a budget though, and I was wondering is it possible to double the use of a static line like the KM III static as a caving rope and a hauling/jugging rope for big wall stuff. Or should you have separate static ropes for those purposes?

    • You can easily double it as a hual rope for big wall. The only thing that will make you want two separate ropes is the weight of the line. But if your ok with that then there is no problem.

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