Why I Cave

In 1999 in Arizona I had a coach that invited a few of the boys to go caving down by Tucson. He explained that it would require certain gear and a bit of courage. He did not say much and I was a little young to inquire more about what the cave would have in story for us. As we got there I was shocked by the little passages that we explored and how many options there was at any given location. He challenged us to lead and to see what formations we could find. After a few hours he took the lead and took us to a certain room that before we entered he told us to not talk to much and we could not send too much time inside.
When we entered this small room he pulled out a lighter and proceeded to lift it to the ceiling and lit it so the flame was visible for our group to see clearly. As we sat there very still focused on the flame he slowly lowered the lighter. About 1/3 of the way down, the flame started to detach from the original origin of the lighter. The flame stayed in the top of this small room and the lighter continued to expand the gap. As the flame grew dimmer as the distance increased I was completely frozen in amazement. The flame distinguished and he motioned for us to leave the room. When we got out to another passage he began to explain that in that room there is so little oxygen that the flame will only stay where the oxygen is present.
From that day forward I have been exploring and surveying caves around the United States. There are only a few things in my life that I have been dumbfounded by witnessing, and that was one of them. Most of my caving has taken place in Ohio and Kentucky. Which consisted of mostly horizontal caves formed in horizontal limestone plates. When I moved to Utah I soon discovered that the limestone plates have been pushed into the vertical position to create amazing vertical caves. I have been continuing my education in vertical rope work and vertical caving since moving here.
Utah holds some of the deepest cave in the U.S and is only as the past few years being discovered and has many secrets she is slowly telling and showing us. This is why I cave here and hope to share the wonderful experience of caving to others.
Cave ON!


2 thoughts on “Why I Cave

  1. I went caving once with you! It was the highlight of my trip to Utah. And my sister got married that week. So it was pretty awesome.

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