Hey! I am talking to you!

What is the purpose of this blog?

My Hope is to educate and inspire those that might not know or have only caved a little bit to get out and enjoy the wonders of Utah. Specifically caves in Utah. Also to the cavers that have experience and are looking for new caves and techniques to expound their skills and knowledge of caving and caves in Utah.

Why help you?

I have experienced the joy of caving and seeing and learning and would want everyone I meet to experience the same. This is one of my passions and seeing someone experience it for the first time is a small way for me to experience the excitement and joy all over again. Some cavers enjoy being the only ones knowing the location or being the only person to have entered the cave. As for me, I think true joy can only be experienced with those you love and share the happiness it brings. Happiness shared is happiness received. (That’s confusing)

Photo taken by Brandon Kawallis at 1,230 vertical feet deep.

Photo taken by Brandon Kawallis at 1,230 vertical feet deep in Main Drain Cave

The main point is, I love caves so much I want to share the happiness I have found in them to others. By educating and inspiring others is a great way to protect and conserve these amazing places.


2 thoughts on “Hey! I am talking to you!

  1. I’m excited about this blog! My hope is that through this blog I can become more educated about caving and how safe it can be. Knowing that caving is a safe sport will comfort me and I’ll be more supportive of my husband (you Dave) enjoying it!

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